Tournament RUWC5 - Semi-Final Qualifier Round (Sudden Death)


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Hello and welcome to this heavily improvised round! This round consists of the one winner of Pool 3 (France) versus the 4th general place of the tournament (Europe). The winner of this round will be classified as the "2nd place of Pool 1" and be the one to face Team Pacific on Semi-Finals!

Without further ado here are the protagonists of our show:

Europe (5) vs (3) France
SV: TheFranklin vs Pepeduce
SV: Punny vs PokemonCestDur
SV: Guille vs Inder
SV: Leni vs NHelioX7
SS: BluBirD vs dunoks
SM: GoldCat vs Clementine
ORAS: Shaneghoul vs Dlanyer
BW: Feaniix vs BlazingDark
This round will last until Sunday 17th at 11:59 PM GMT -5. After this semi-finals will proceed right away!

Best of luck to all competitors. Cheers!
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